Client: Exopolis

Studio: Exopolis

This was a self-promotional site for Exopolis, a boutique creative studio in Los Angeles. A user could create their own mix of staff selected music from a player on the site. The twist was that each song had a funny introduction in an adolescent’s voice. Users could send a song and it’s preceding commentary to a friend.

The site itself was built around an audio player. The combination photo-real and hand-drawn aesthetic complemented the concept by paying homage to the mix tapes and yearbooks of the staff’s early teenage years. The audio introductions to each song were recorded with a lo-fi microphone and transposed to a higher octave to sound like a adolescent.

The site was sent digitally to clients and friends, and complimented by actual cassette tapes that were sent via postal mail. The site quickly became viral; the average user sent the site to at least two other friends.

Exopolis received attention and accolades both within and beyond the design and advertising community, and even won a few awards for the site including Best Comedy Site at SXSW 2007. More than anything, the site opened doors for the studio, bringing in new clients who appreciated and understood the sensibilities, humor and approach of the studio.

SXSW Interactive Winner, Exopolis Mixtape Promo