Created in partnership with SS+K, is part of a campaign for the AFL-CIO showcasing the values that America’s unions share with all working people: hard work and quality craftsmanship, and allows site visitors to explore how every one of us is connected by the work we do. This is the first branded marketing AFL-CIO initiative since 1997. B-Reel created the visual identity for the campaign and created the website, offering each visitor a unique and personal experience through multiple modes of interaction.

The first section focuses on showing a site visitor how the benefits of their work are felt well beyond what they see on a daily basis. B-Reel directed and animated thirteen one-minute spots, each based around a category of the AFL-CIO union. Rendered in vector and delivered through Adobe Flash, each animation plays full screen while retaining sharp lines and crisp edges, and all without heavy bandwidth requirements.

Section two is a data visualization that allows a site visitor to explore how everyone in America is connected through the work they do. By selecting an aspirational theme, a visitor can filter different industries and their workers and view how each job contributes to that theme.

The third and final section allows a user to explore how others contribute to their lives each day. Site visitors are able to explore the people that make up the supply chain that delivers the components of their daily life, from their morning routine, their commute, workday, and personal life