The Windows Gaming Experience

Client: Microsoft

Studio: David Estis

What began as a strategy assignment, the integration of the XBOX Live platform into Microsoft’s rapidly developing internet gaming and mobile platforms, ultimately resulted in four animated promos for their next version of connected entertainment. Centered around the four themes of identity, search, social, and transactions, we channeled XBOX avatars to tell their story while traversing real world environments and entertainment properties ever connected by the ubiquitous Windows entertainment platform.

Taking a nod from elements in the current(at the time) Xbox LIVE identity, we expanded the meaning of the concentric rings to visualize the new Windows Gaming platform in a simple way. The individual rings symbolize the different categories of entertainment and connectivity at the heart of the new WGX platform. Surrounding each avatar, the rings are within arm’s reach at all times nodding to the upcoming release of XBOX Kinect, Microsoft’s gestural interface.

The interface rings are a metaphor for the new Windows Gaming platform. They serve as a way for the avatar to navigate its social, gaming and entertainment experiences. They also serve as a portal to get from one environment to another: from the real world to the LIVE environment to a gaming or entertainment property. The rings allow you to play, explore and connect. And, ultimately, the rings, like the platform, transport you to other worlds.