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usaf spec ops VR


spec ops VR CAMPAIGN

Recruitment campaign that invites viewers to experience what its like to be a part of special operations training missions

Air Force special operations had a huge awareness problem. When people think of Special Operations they think of the S.E.A.Ls or the Rangers but know little to nothing about these Air Force combat warriors. They train like the other special forces and embed with all of them to bring air support to the fight, yet too few people even know they exist. Making recruiting efforts even tougher is the fact that over 80% of people do attempt to make through Spec Ops training fail.

To intrigue a larger audience of new potential recruits, we wanted to get as close to the special ops world as possible. We went on actual training missions with spec ops members, created 360° VR films and then we created an app to experience the content. Because most teenagers don't yet have a way to view VR, we put the technology into as many hands as possible. With the app and VR viewer, they use their phones to infiltrate buildings, go on rescue missions and even jump out of planes. Once we gave them a taste of this world they were driven to a newly designed Special Ops landing page at that allowed recruits to take a deeper dive different spec ops career fields. And we teased the content with social posts, digital banners, and short online films with a very direct call action – We Need People Who Can Do This.


US Air Force

USAF Special Ops: PJ Rescue VR

USAF Special Ops: Halo VR

USAF Special Ops: Osprey Cockpit VR

USAF Special Ops: Infiltration VR

USAF Special Ops: Gunner

USAF Special Ops: VR User Interface