Tonight We Tanqueray

Client: Tanqueray | Mother NY

Studio: B-Reel

B-Reel and B-Reel Films teamed up with Mother NY to produce an integrated campaign for Tanqueray gin that celebrates a heritage of speakeasies and refined grit. A narrative was developed around a night out off the beaten path, featuring a charismatic barman as the lead character in a series of events unfolding throughout the evening. Viewers watch as our man effortlessly steers events in the right direction as the stylish bar patrons start up their night.

The environment and its inhabitants were the backbone of the digital campaign, and site visitors experience the night in a series of five chapters unfolding in different areas within the bar and adjacent after-hours club. In each chapter, users were allowed a voyeuristic look into multiple sides of a story as they unfold in a single night. The vignettes were tied together through an exploratory, video based navigation, which was created using a motion control system that spanned the length of the set.

Anders Hallberg directed a cast of over one hundred to bring the action to life, and one of my favorite DPs Martin Ruhe captured every detail of the locations created specifically for the campaign in a pre-war theater turned skate park in Vilneus, Lithuania. Musician Aloe Blacc recorded an exclusive track to provide the soundtrack for the experience and the broadcast components of the campaign. We mixed the splits a little differently to match the action in each vignette, and the track was available for download. A behind-the-scenes documentary style video of the recording session was also offered as an unique piece of content on the site.

Additionally, five 15 second films were created around five signature Tanqueray drinks, each beautifully shot in ultra slow motion via phantom camera. These were also featured as pre-roll and taxi cabs in major metropolitan areas.