It's Time for Skype

Client: Skype | Pereira & O'Dell Studio: B-Reel

Additional Javascript animations augment the live action as a user follows (and participates via Facebook Connect) as friends, family and co-workers go about their day using Skype to connect in different ways. The design process was a particular challenge, as the demos had to reflect the current Skype interface, yet nod towards the upcoming Windows Metro interface. The experience was carefully executed to work across multiple platforms, from browser, to tablet, to smart phone.

It’s Time For Skype was the digital hub for an aggressive brand awareness campaign for the popular and now Microsoft-owned communication platform. It features an all HTML/Javascript browser experience focused around six common user scenarios highlighting different features of Skype, targeting use for work, friends, and family. Each scenario includes live action “webcam” elements shot at various locations in Los Angeles over the course of two days with B-Reel Films.