Work Connects Us All

Client: AFL-CIO | SS+K

Studio: B-Reel

Brand concept for the launch of Nike 6.0 Women. The focus was a short video piece highlighting both a current understanding of the brand and a potential new visual story. Latching on to the idea of paths, those chosen as you pick your line down a wave or down the mountain as well as those chosen in life, we follow the new story of the 6.0 Women’s brand as exemplifies young women’s perspectives in the commonly “male” sports of snowboarding, surfing, and bmx.

“Strength without surrendering femininity” was at the core of our approach, contrasting the curves of a boards wake with the intricacies of each maneuver through flowing colored stripes connecting the angular shapes in which footage is presented. Additionally, we use landscape and elevation to imply location and inform palette as we follow 6.0 from sunrise to sunset.