From Gas To Bottle

Client: Pennzoil | JWT Atlanta Studio: MPC

Through MPC and JWT Atlanta I directed a fully CG spot for the launch of Pennzoil’s latest campaign, “Born from Natural Gas.” The 30-second spot is a visual journey through abstract particles that follows the curves forming the bottle.

We set out to create a variation of visual particles, organic in shape and movement. The animation and look development process involved the creation of proxy geometry that would twist and undulate in the same way as vapor, serving as a “roadmap” for particles to flow across, for both close up and wide shots. We had an intensive pre-viz process to craft particle simulations that were free form and natural while also controlled in shape and design.

The track is Mouchette by oOoOO and I had attached it to the spot right from the start, animating the previs to a shorter custom edit. Fortunately the client fell in love with it, and the folks at JWT were able to secure the rights.

The spot is part of a larger integrated campaign under the idea of Motor oil Reimagined, which will continue to roll out more reimagined ideas throughout the year. Check out the second spot from this campaign, in collaboration with Skunk Director Raf Wathion, here.