Coach Backstage Idents

Client: Coach Studio: MPC

For Fall Fashion Week 2015, I had the opportunity to lead a quick cell animation project who's goal was to transform the traditional Coach horse and buggy logo into the 'Coach Backstage' logo, designed and illustrated by Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman. The ident was used across a multitude of media channels, as well as looped on various screens at Coach's music events during fashion week.

The brief was open, and after sifting through a few concepts, we landed on the idea of an alternate reality that exists just inside the carriage door. As the buggy driver cracks his whip, the door flies open and sucks the driver and horses into a torrent from which Baseman's three quirky characters emerge.

Keeping the whip crack as the instigator, the horse and buggy transition into a reindeer and sleigh, and are swept up in a cresting wave. As Baseman's drummer finds the barrel, the wave crashes on a palm laden beach and transforms to the backstage logo.

The second version of the ident was created for the 2015 holiday event in Los Angeles. The challenge was to incorporate both the season as well as bespoke elements that nodded to the SoCal setting.