DDB NY came to B-Reel to extend DDB Chicago’s latest campaign for State Farm. It featured lasers, explosions and a giant robot wreaking havoc on a suburban neighborhood creating quite literally a state of chaos. We were asked to bring the towering robot to each user’s own street by incorporating Google Maps and Street View imagery to create a personalized and dynamic version of the TV commercial.

After a bit of trickery to assemble the flat Google Data into our own 3D space, we were able to composite CG and live action with the Street View and satellite imagery to create a compelling film with the set as a variable. As the robot bears down on the user’s selected address, we place it on streets within a predetermined radius of the destination, and select relevant locations by using the Google Places API.

Not only do we see the robot in the third person, but we include the POV from the robot as he zeros in on his target. In the final two shots, the robot turns towards the camera and fires – cut to an overhead satellite view and the location is enveloped in an explosion. At last a mailbox emerges from the explosion, displaying the site visitor’s name.